Thursday, June 18, 2009

Micah Owings Does Bat With Balls, Reds 4-3

Reds won their second in a row last night (hot streak!) over the Savages. Sure they only got four hits all night and one of them, which may have lead to the winning margin, was by the starting pitcher, but its still a win. And Ray Jay tied a season high with a two-game hitting streak when he took one out of the yard in the second.

Aside from Owings ripping the three-run shot out to right, he didn't pitch all that poorly, comparatively anyway. He was able to last 6 innings, which is positive. The fact he didn't strike anyone out and it still took him 107 pitches to make it that far is moderately troubling but still, quality start. Masset was poor for the second consecutive outing, but his ERA is still under 1.50 and the rest of the pen was pretty good. Coco went with his trademark walk before retiring the side. Baloney gets his first win today and the sweep is secured. Reds! Reds! Reds!

Last night while watching Baseball Tonight, I saw a familiar face, or photo, underneath the telephone section of the program. Dusty Baker. They were asking him questions about steroids, whether or not all of the names should be released. He said as long as there aren't any current Reds on that list, he's cool with that. As the person most-knowledgeable on all subjects, the Reds Rocket was not surprised that ESPN would be interested in what Dusty had to say.

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