Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nix Reminds Team That Hits Are Typically Necessary to Score Runs, Reds 7-2

Harang got cheated out of a win yesterday but he remained positive. 'It just makes me want to go out and murder a family - one with several small children' he said after the game. That's the right attitude Aaron. In the rare game that he actually hit 95 on the gun, inflated or not, it's too bad he didn't get to stay out there a little longer.

But the rain, which seems to follow the Reds around like that animated circle who dealt with chronic depression in the Zoloft commercials, forced everyone to take a break for a little while. When everyone reemerged, Danny Ray was on the hill and pitched a nice three innings for his first career win. Masset and Weathers were not sharp but everyone else was.

The bats finally woke up a little bit. The recap said that it was the first time in 11 games that they had scored more than 4 runs. That was a nice streak the Reds had going and I am disappointed to see it end. Nix had three hits and drove in three. Phillips had three of hit own. And Willy Taveras, nice to see you again. Solid 1 for 5 night, though with a stolen base. As terrible as Patterson was and will continue to be, he hit a shade under .200 but showed a little power. Perhaps the Independent League, or Dairy Queen, wherever he's at, would be interested in a attractive trade offer. Reds continue to beat on the savages today. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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