Monday, June 15, 2009

Reds Gives Me Pains in My Head that Makes it Hard to Live, Royals 7-1

In a rare contribution from Dr. Tiffee, he found the accompanying picture of headpain and suggested the tag line which appropriately summed up the weekend for Reds supporters.

For the past couple of seasons, the Reds have been part of a series where they have stated affirmatively that, from this point henceforth, we are no going to compete for the division title. You can continue to support the team if you like, but, inevitably, should you choose to do so, you will be disappointed. Last year, it was the sweep in Washington, this year, possibly, could be this last trip to Kansas City.

The Reds don't have an opportunity to play the Royals very often, so it's kind of a treat. Last year it was series in Boston and New York/Yew Nork. And they didn't even see Greinke or Gil Meche. Meche is probably not even adequate but the offense was shut down by the rest of the horrible rotation. An 80-pitch complete game from Luke Hochevar? Yesterday, the Reds mixed things up, opting to go with horrible defense alongside bad offense. After an early 1-0 lead, all of Cueto's runs were unearned. Hairston made two errors at third but is still a better option, defensively anyway, than Rosales. Bruce made a play in right off a ball hit by Callaspo, then looked at his glove and unmade the play, pushing two more across in the third. So, everyone went home very disappointed, losing four straight to the Nationals and Royals.

The Reds Rocket feels it is very important at this point in the season to defer to the leadership of the captain of the ship. Skip. He wears batting gloves and knows Hank Aaron. He will tell that to the spanish-speaking gentlemen this in their native language. He is very wise, and to continue with the descriptive ship language, will guide the Reds through the troubled waters they currently find themselves in. Captain Dusty is very wise.

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chuck said...

is the first picture is marty in 10 years , and still saying "unbeleiveable", or is it walt jocketty without his makeup