Monday, June 22, 2009

Reds Lose but Look Good Doing it, White Sox 4-1

The Reds looked pretty solid for about 12 of the 27 innings at home against the Cracker Sox. Arroyo pitched pretty well in the opener and the Reds offense staked Cueto to a five-run lead on Saturday before he handed it all back. Nobody showed up yesterday, they were out late the night before celebrating the 8 runs scored. It happens some times, nice effort you guys.

That marks two consecutive not excellent starts by Cueto. Sure, the line against the Royals featured no earned runs due to some White Sox-like defense, but he got knocked around a little bit and gave up 6. Saturday he gave up not only career home run number one to Gordon Beckham but Scott Podsednik, or Scotty Pods, took him out of the yard. Podsednik is scheduled for about 3 homers this season and he had one coming in. He'll need to spread those out or there are going to be some disappointed Chicagoans.

Harang had a tough first inning but straightened out and ended up pitching pretty well over seven, with only the 3 earned. He wasn't featuring the 93-94 mph fastball that he had during his rain-shortened outing versus Atlanta but that's okay, he threw pretty well. And the Chicago announcers' comments that with Volquez out, the Reds don't have any 'good right-handed pitchers' isn't going to work for Aaron Harang. He monitors tapes all broadcasts, even the spanish ones, and adds names accordingly to his slow, painful death list.
Reds travel out of the country for Tuesday's game. Hal McCoy has predicted we see the return of Votto. They've drilled a small whole in his skull to let out all of the demons. He should be ready to go. Featured below is the starting pitcher for Toronto. Coincidentally, it's kids night at the ballpark.

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