Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Volquez Can't Feel His Fingers, Reds Win 5-3

One inning into his triumphant return from back spasms, Edinson had to take another breather when he had a little minor numbness in the ring and pinkie fingers of his pitching hand. Nothing to be concerned about, everyone gets a little numbness now and again, especially in your fingers. Right? So, hopefully he won't miss any more starts but who knows, might be farm time for the next start.

But, of course Mike Lincoln picked him up with three solid innings of relief. He's been great all year. He was followed by Herrera for two and then Masset, Rhodes, and Coco. Those guys really did a bang-up job. That's an expression which isn't used enough. And how about that offense, actually carrying their weight? Against Todd Wellemeyer no less? That guy is lights out, so congratulations to the offense, notable Nix and Hanigan who each had a couple of hits. Hanigan is working towards having the lowest slugging percentage in one season while hitting over .330. He's on his way there.

Regarding the potential missed start by Volquez, we now appear to have two candidates: Bailey and Maloney. My friends on the Reds message board seem to be in favor of Maloney and in favor of Bailey being executed, the more painful the better. How about the iron maiden? Bleed for me Long Beach! As I am incapable of forming my own opinions, the nerds at Prospectus aren't big Maloney supporters. For a big guy he sure keeps that velocity down but he's fresh off a three-hit shutout of the SHelly Duncan-led Yankess affiliate. That's sure to translate to some major league success. Or maybe we'll see the recall of Dr. Weirdbeard Burton. He apparently has some problems with his brain that's affecting his ability to get people out. Especially with people on base. It's an epidemic in the Reds clubhouse. Arroyo picks up win number eight today with some Jon Garland-esque offensive support behind him. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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