Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Arroyo wants Dodgers out of Cincinnati... Permanently, Reds 4-0

While there was something of moderate baseball importance happening over on the coast [I forget what, something about a guy with a giant head hitting a historic home run, though no sign of Craig Sager circling the bases with him] the author is pretty sure that when you ask someone in 15 years what happened on August 7th, this Reds victory will immediately come to mind. The author will always remember where I was, sitting on my couch searching for a picture of Bronson Arroyo looking like he's having a conversation with a towel. "Perhaps you, towel, can tell me who wiped their ass with you even though you are clearly marked as the property of Bronson Arroyo?"

While the 3 hits allowed to Juan Pierre is troubling, the Dodgers' offense was shut down for the evening, even after Arroyo left the game. The bullpen decided to reward him by not giving back the entire lead. You deserve it Bronson, keep up the good work. The offense was not too bad, starting early off ex-NBA superstar Mark Hendrickson. That guy has more talent in his little finger than your entire god-damned town! Phillips went deep and Easy Eddie collected three hits and drove in a couple with a confusingly scored single. And now that the Reds are playing a team with a record over .500, even if it is the Dodgers, we're looking towards the sweep. The Reds love beating the good teams. The Cubs still don't count. Nice victory tonight team, let's keep up the good work tomorrow. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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