Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Welcome Ex-Adequate Baseball Players

The author was excited to see the return of Guardado and Majewski and the arrival of Mark Bellhorn. It looks as if Bellhorn has used his time in the minors to perfect his angry drifter look. Very wise, no one is going to try and take anything out of your locker or subject you to any good-natured ribbing. You'll gut them like a fish.

According to the Reds' official site, Majewski has gotten a sharp new haircut. The author can't wait for the public unveiling. Maybe now you can get some guys out, but probably not. How's that grievance with the Nationals coming along? And Guardado, the author can't wait to see you late in games. When you're 50-years-old and coming off major arm surgery no reason you can't jump back in and earn that paycheck.

So, in closing, how about all of you guys don't suck as bad as everyone is pretty sure you're going to. Maybe just a little less. Belhorn presently is 1 for 4 with 2 walks, not too bad for a guy who killed two people in Louisville for mentioning Theo Epstein.


Officer Nordberg said...

I once picked up a hitch-hiker who looked like Bellhorn once . . . Once

Tim Timmons said...

my mother hung me on a hook once...once