Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cubs Are All Bluff and No Stuff, Reds 11-9

If the Reds don't win another game the rest of the year [which they will, starting tomorrow] the author will be happy following that victory tonight. Rain made all those Wrigley fans hang around for an hour and a half before the game even started. Dumatrait gave back a 6-3 lead, then Santos crapped it up to 9-6. But the offense came back, all culminating with a pinch two-run bomb by Hambone in the 8th. It was great, especially the audience shots. "Oh no!" [followed my them holding their face in their hands]. Len Kasper continually reminded us that the Brewers had lost earlier in the evening to the St. Louis Ankiels. Tough break shitheads.

The author would like to take some time to recognize Ryan Jorgensen's strong performance this evening. Reds catchers hitting from the right side have struggled for most of the season. The author would like to proclaim Jorgensen, based solely upon the game tonight, the solution to the offensive problems behind the plate. Sure before tonight he's only had four major league at bats and was hitting .230 at Louisville. But that's all behind him, he's finally ready to contribute. Some guys just need to wait until they turn 27. Welcome to the Jorgensen era. Beat the crap out of Marquis tomorrow. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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