Thursday, August 16, 2007

Reds Give Cubs a Victory, 12-4

On their world wide Major League Rehabilitative tour, the Reds sometime have to let inferior teams win once in a while. Today, the Reds let the Cubs "offense" put up some runs just so they don't give up on the season right before their big series with the Cardinals. The Reds, Mackanin especially, know the importance of a tight National League Central race. No one is going to tune into Sportscenter and their puns and bouyahs if the division has already been decided. So, there you go Cubs. That's the only one you're going to get the rest of the season.

Livingston reverted back to a Mariners' waiver wire pitcher and Griffey continued to be mystified by the rules involving baserunning. Dunn went yard and the Majewski actually got some outs for the second day in a row before giving a couple of runners over to Mike "I'm a pile of garbage" Stanton. After Bray's performance yesterday, the author is less frightened by the terrible bullpen. Anyway, Brewers tomorrow and we all know how much the Reds love savagely beating the Brewers. Go get 'em team.


Freddy y Blue Demon said...

I love that puns and booyahs show.

Oh wait.
I was thinking about the buns and pooyahs show.

The Last Unitard said...

I have decided to keep a little bit of vomit in my mouth for the rest of the season.

This will save a little wear and tear on my "gurgin'" muscles.

I have also decided to name my vomit. Haven't settled on one yet, but I'm considering Stanton, Coffee, Majewski, or maybe just Bullpen.

The Diamond Studd said...

Where do you get these pictures? Is that a priest in the middle? Poor little kids never had a chance.

The priest, the moustache or the she-male on the right, which one you think got more ass?