Monday, August 20, 2007

So Long Mr. Conine

As we all know Jeff Conine loves the post-season, so the Reds shipped him up to New York to play for the Metropolitans. Anything to get Shawn Green off the field. Mr. Met may look a little frightening, but once you get past his explosive violent temper, he's really a pretty decent guy. The author liked Conine but now we may get a chance to see power-hitting Canadian Joey Votto. That would mark the second player this year from the Reds' very own minor league system that fans are actually excited to see. That's not including Mark Belhorn, who The players received in return are SS Jose Castro and OF Sean Henry. Castro 20 and Henry is 22. Both of their numbers from the low minors seem adequate but that's of course before the became part of the Reds' system. If I had to guess, maybe lupus or a partial decapitation is in their future. So, welcome and so long Conine, now you can help beat the Cubs.

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