Wednesday, August 8, 2007

One Brahma Bull, Two Brahma Bulls, Three Brahma Bulls... You Jabronis Hit The Jackpot, Reds 1-0

The author was quite pleased with the performance of the Reds this evening, notably Aaron Harang. After exiting early against the Cubs and taking an extended vacation, the author was worried about tonight's start. The worry turned out to be unnecessary as he treated the Dodgers hitters with much disrespect. Not that they're playing especially good baseball, losing 5 straight, but still very nice performance tonight by the giant starting pitcher.

The offense wasn't able to put much together other than the run-scoring single by Griffey in the fourth. They left some runners on base but made up for it with some uncharacteristically good defense. Phillips made a couple of very nice plays up the middle. Also, big news with the signing of Jason Ellison. Sorry to see that Freel is done for the year but at least the Reds have replaced him with a journeyman Mariner castoff. I'm sure he will make all of us very disappointed. Anyway, back to tonight's victory. Way to go Reds. Tomorrow Dumatrait is on the mound but at least it's against Brett Tomko before he makes his inevitable journey to the Independent League. It's coming, just wait Brett. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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