Thursday, August 9, 2007

Welcome Back Eddie, Now Go Away, 5-4 Dodgers

Eddie Guardado made his triumphant return from arm surgery just in time to give up a late lead as the Reds dropped the final game of the series with the Dodgers. Sure would have been nice to send the Dodgers on their way with that losing streak still intact. But thanks to Eddie, and later Burton, the lesser asshole, the train avoiders go away with a victory.

Nice start today Dumatrait, the author thought, based upon the beginning of the game, that you didn't have much interest in remaining in the major leagues. But you sure showed me, six innings with only the 2 runs given up, who are you, Matt Belisle? I take back all those nasty things I said about your salad. The Priests come into town tomorrow, lets drive a stake through their heart, or some less violent metaphor for victory.

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Father Kyle said...

I was there through Eddie's Return and subsequent Meltdown. Boy was it HOT! One of the vendors was asking what I thought of the team: BLOW EM UP AND START OVER!

My team comes in today!