Friday, August 24, 2007

Big Donkey Leads Pale Faces, Reds 9-7

The author was trying to think of the last time that the Reds dominated the Braves like they did this season. It's certainly been a while. The Reds have proven their vast superiority over their southern enemies. Yesterday's win should leave no further question. Bob Wickman's just too fat to get pitches by Dunn's hole-filled swing. Maybe the Braves should look into a thinner closer or one that looks less like a truck driving pedaphile.

Ramirez did not turn in his best start yesterday but how about the crappier members of the bullpen? Guardado pitched an entire inning, surprising the author much like Stanton's performance the other night, without giving up a run, or even a hit. Teixiera can't feel good about his at bat. Then Saarloos failed on his attempt to allow the most consecutive runners to reach base, but got six outs. Too bad Kirk but you can take pride in that 7.67 ERA. And Gosling, who isn't necessarily in the same category, got the final three outs and a victory. The author is very proud of all of you.
Now, the Marlins arrive and we all remember what happened after the Reds swept the Braves. They weren't playing particularly good baseball then and are playing even worse now. The D-Train ran into a mattress that some jokester placed on the railroad tracks and has that earned run average right around five runs per nine innings. And with a lefty on the mound, we all know what that mean, Jorge Cantu time. Harango can eat a whole marlin with one bite. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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