Saturday, August 4, 2007

Reds Take First Two From Gophers of the Sea, 9-8

The author apologizes for not commenting on a rare Reds victory over a bad team yesterday. B-Liz getting his first win in many moons and the offense finally showing some signs of life. The Washington series fading...fading from memory.

Tonight, Bob Log saw his chances of winning disappear when he couldn't retire Sanchez to lead off the 6th. He got LaRoche, but then Big Frucking Nasty threw his patented straight slider on 0-2 that allowed Bay to showcase some of that Canadian power and the Rats are within a run. Throw in some more bad pitches, a big frucking shower, an appearance by Gosling, and the Pirates are leading 6-4 at the end of the inning. Nice job bullpen. But the team showed a little heart, Keppinger tied it in the 9th and Dunn won it with a two-run shot in the 10th. That's a big donkey. A win like that will make one forget a home run by not only noted piece of garbage Jack Wilson, but the pitcher, Matt "Now I Can Pitch As Bad as I Want" Morris. So, let's make it a sweep tomorrow. Arroyo's feels bad about his last performance after the Reds reportedly decided not to trade him to the Braves for a guy named Jo-Jo and another who came to America on a raft made of driftwood and his own hair. You don't ever want to see that in the media guide. He's still mad at the Pirates for giving up on him and not making him spend the majority of his career in baseball purgatory.

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