Thursday, August 2, 2007

Welcome Phil Dumatrait

Today the Reds welcome a new member of the team, Phil Dumatrait. He was called up the other day to take Lohse's spot in the rotation, which hurts because the author was really hoping that Saarloos would get to 20 batters without recording an out. Phil D was once considered a prospect when he came over from the Red Sox in the deal for Williamson, but his left arm fell off as soon as he arrived in Cincinnati and doctors had to work all night to reattach it. Now his stuff has been compared to Charlie Leibrant, which, if it was in reference to his hair, is quite a compliment. He has put together pretty decent numbers this year in Louisville, which is encouraging because many of the Nationals should be at AAA. Ryan Church, give me a break. The author is not ready to embrace Dumatrait, mainly because his name is difficult to pronounce. Go back to the minors, get an easier name, then we'll see or I guess beat the Nationals tonight which the Reds have been unwilling to do this year and then we'll have your back. Nice to meet you Phil, try not to be an asshole.

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