Monday, August 20, 2007

Braves Dumatrait Reds, 14-4

Losing Jeff Conine proved to be too much for Phil Dumatrait today. He just couldn't focus out there on the mound, that walk of Andrew Jones in the first should prove that. He only went two plus as the Reds got scalped on their first game back at the Great American. The Braves' new first baseman is a more imposing bat in the middle of the order than the Scott Thorman/Matt Saltalamacchia combination.

On a positive note, not only did we get to see Mark Bellhorn's first start at 3rd base but the arrival of Jorge Cantu. The author obviously was a little premature in welcoming Joey Votto. And I guess we all get to see where Cantu fits into the equation, he's the new Reds backup first baseman. I would assume that Hatteberg gets to hit against both righties and lefties now. Keppinger got three more hits, but that is hardly even newsworthy since he's been doing that since his recall. Though that .382 average is pretty impressive. No wonder the Royals couldn't find a spot to play him. Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo on the mound again tomorrow for the wigwams. Should be no trouble righting the ship.

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