Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hey Jorge Cantu Isn't So Bad, Reds 8-7

The author was looking for a nice picture of Mr. Cantu to go along with this post and came upon this, the very delightful blog of the Reds' very own Jorge Cantu. It has some pictures of Jorge, unfortunately very few are non-baseball related [where is Jorge windsurfing?], as well as some commentary, most of which relating to his tenure with the Devil Rays. The author knows that you were lying when you said "I don't ever wonder what Jorge Cantu is thinking." You do, we all do. There is nothing of which to be ashamed.

Nice win over the Atlanta Cheap Tobacco Sale today. Bobby Nutsack wasn't up to his nickname, barely lasting longer than Joey Jo-Jo Junior. But the bullpen picked him up, using the equation of Bray, Burton, and Weathers [Majewski even got an out]. Phillips had a nice night at the plate and the aforementioned Cantu had two hits and drove in three. Fortunately the Braves continue to rely upon Peter Moylan and we all know the Reds not only hate Australians but have a special batting practice session dedicated to the art of hitting the Australian fastball. Dick Pole researches more than Dick Pole. So, let's all forget about the seven runs allowed. The Reds' offense is very, very good and can be relied upon to provide at least eight runs per contest. Arroyo dominates the Braves to the point where they want to give up valuable Cubans after seeing him on the mound. The Braves counter with some guy named Buddy [of course I meant Lance, Buddy's today]. Unless he's just got the one testical, nothing to worry about. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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Anonymous said...

Cantu's a friggin' RBI Machine, baby! And thanks for going to the extra trouble not end a sentence with a preposition. That's big time. - Petey