Thursday, August 23, 2007

When the Reds Are Done With You It'll Look Like They Set Fire to Your Face and Put it Out With an Axe, Reds 4-2

With that win over the Headdresses last night, the Reds climbed 1 game over .500 against teams with a winning record. But you'll notice that the team is still fourteen games under .500. The author can't decide how to react to that. The Reds are a fascinating and thought provoking team.

Last night Hamilton and Keppinger went back to back and Arroyo was pretty good, albeit only over five and a third. He has things to do man. But in stark contrast to everything we've come to know and hate, Mike Stanton pitched more than an inning of relief and gave up, get this, no runs. After he exited with the Reds still in front, we get to the better part of the bullpen. Burton continued to get outs and Weathers threw some pitches slightly outside the strike zone. It's that easy, Reds victory. Today, the Reds meet up with a guy named Buddy. They've scheduled a 4 pm [7 Eastern] beating behind the junior high. We'll see you then, scrote. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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