Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Reds Look Awful, Here's a Picture of My Cat with a Mohawk

She has vowed to keep that haircut, which makes her look like a hyena, until the Reds get back to .500, so at least late August. Big fan. The author is very disappointed with the play of the Reds this evening and would prefer not to discuss the game other than maybe Phillips stealing two bases at once, which was pretty cool, especially down 7-0 to the Nats.

Tomorrow we get to see the debut of Phil Dumatrait, who is taking Lohse's spot in the rotation. My assumption is we'll see the Lizard King taking B-Lizzle's, or maybe they've already made the announcement. The author needs to pay closer attention. Tomorrow Reds tell Washington to get them a Banana Cognac, bitch.

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t timmons, sr said...

cat looked better in person! what's up with 7 runs in 1 1/3, or something like that--gawd awful. good outing by relief.