Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Reds Disappoint Me, and I Guess Other Fans Too 6-3

Nothing like a loss to the Nationals to really put an end to any team pride. Livingston held the potent Nats offense scoreless before failing to record an out in the 5th. That inning included not only a single allowed to Nook Logan but a walk to D'Angelo Jimenez. That is simply unforgivable. If you have to throw it up there underhand, there is never a reason that D'Angelo should have the bat taken out of his hands. The offense, with the notable exception of David Ross, was relatively quiet, despite the 12 hits.

Now tomorrow,and I can say this strongly enough, these are the Nationals and the Reds should beat the Nationals. Please.

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The Last Unitard said...

At least we still have Dunn instead of the two high level prospects the Angels were offering us, but instead gave the Blue Jays for Glaus because Krivsky wanted more for our 40-solo-homer-and 200K pack animal.