Saturday, July 14, 2007

Don't You Hate that Shawn Green? Mets 2-1

The Reds Rocket would like to welcome Shawn Green to the black list and it's not just because he's the Jewish spokesperson for MLB [though it doesn't help...I kid, I kid] but because of the broken bat bloop that led to the Mets' first run in the 6th and then again for that hit in the 8th. Though, the author assumes, since crippling pollen allergies and late lung development prohibited participation in all outdoor sports, that the reaction of the opposition the second they realize that great pitch is going to drop in front of their right fielder who has no throw, would be pretty great. Great pitch hoss...okay get under that.......come in, the ball's in front of you....Get under that! Dirty son of a bitch. But when it's Shawn Green, come on, New York fans don't even like to see him succeed.

While the author did enjoy Delgado getting booed at home, not too many positives of which to speak tonight. Phillips provided the offense with a bomb in the second, as Glavine was pretty impressive. Maybe some of those other clowns could consider getting a hit once in a while. But tomorrow we have rotational savior Kyle Lohse, he loves pitching after losses, versus old friend Oliver Perez, who we all know is about the worst pitcher in the Major Leagues.

And a belated welcome to Pedro Lopez, who's name sounds like it was the first Spanish-sounding one that came to mind. Nice work at short in the absence of Gonzalez due to an ailing child. The author will include your pretty face in the next post.

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