Wednesday, July 18, 2007

If Brandon Phillips Wanted Your Opinion, He'd Beat it Out of You, Reds Sweep 5-4

The author decided not to search out another picture of a broom, now that sweeps during the Mackanin administration are becoming so common. Reds needed a little extra time today to disappoint the locals, but they eventually sent them home angry enough to murder their dog(s). Not often that a team can put together 18 hits and lose or, maybe more frustrating, fail to score off Kirk Saarloos for nearly three innings.

B. Phill was a late addition to the game but made his seven innings of relief of Keppinger at second productive. He awarded Larry Jones the honorary handicapped parking spot for the day when Chipper was frozen by the catch Phill made at second and doubled the Braves out of the 11th. Then he knocked in a couple of runs in the top of the 15th to teach Bobby Cox a lesson about walking Hatteberg to get to him. If you didn't watch the game and weren't reminded of it 40 times, he is from Atlanta. Can't disappoint Great Aunt Brandina, she came all the way from Nacoochee to see him do that lean everyone's been talkin' bout.

Reds are off to Florida tomorrow to play some large fish. Hopefully the Marlins trade Cabrera before the team arrives. Got to sell while the value is high, it looks likes he's made a bet to see if he can't gain 30 pounds as a professional athlete during the season. Nice sweep of a quality team, let's keep it up tomorrow versus Serge and the fish. Reds! Reds! Reds!


Aaron said...

And it should be duly noted that Stanton redeemed himself by pitching an inning of scoreless relief in which he struck out the side.

Tim Timmons said...

you're right aaron, the reds rocket hates him less today