Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Reds Lose But Author Finds Picture of Pumpkin Throwing Up, 5-3 Brewers

If there's anything the author knows about pumpkins its that they can't hold their liquor. The author had planned to make some pretty obvious joke about Prince Fielder hitting a triple [because he's large and in charge, it would have been a very good joke], but this picture came up and the author's not going to miss that sort of opportunity. Also, you'll notice that the unreadably small boxscore is accented with a sharp blue box on the left side. This blog is always changing to appeal to a wider audience. In the last reader poll, "more blue boxes" was right behind "more pictures of Dick Pole" and "less of the author's commentary" on the list of things to make the Reds Rocket a reliable perveyor of information.

The Reds showed a little heart tonight, getting within 1 run in the 8th before Stanton crapped it back up to 2. Dunn hit a home run and Hatteberg reappeared at the top of the batting order and got a couple of hits. He's up their for his legs, I think the term is fleet of foot. B-Lizzle looked like he's ready for Phil Dumatrait to take his spot in the rotation, now that Bailey's on the shelf [or maybe Livingston, he sure can swing that bat]. We'll all recall that Dumatrait came over with Tyler Pelland in the 2004 deal which sent Scott Williamson to the Red Sox. The author had always liked Williamson since he threw at the opposition, starting a brawl, in the Pioneer League Championship. That's when their guard is down. Perhaps that's the type of deal we can look forward to this trade deadline, a guy we like for 2 guys we don't like [or maybe just like a little less]. Reds look take on Super Suppan tomorrow, the author is very close to guaranteeing a win. How about a late lead and a bullpen meltdown? Nice three innings Gosling.

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DevilsAdvocate said...

Wow. Did Williamson really do that in the Pioneer League? That's...pretty awesome.

Dumatrait makes me nervous. I don't think he's primed for success at the major-league level. I look at him and think "Lance Davis."

Pelland, however, might get a shot in the bullpen sooner rather than later if he keeps throwing the way he's been going lately. What an outing today.

(Full disclosure: Pelland is from my high school, so I have a vested interest and have followed him very closely. Vermonters in pro baseball are extremely rare.)