Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Reds Welcome Barry Bonds' Giant Head, Reds 7-3

Brandon Phillips grand slam in the 6th gave the Mackanin administration its first victory tonight. The team looked pretty much the same to start the game, Harang giving up an 0-2 home run in the first to America's player, then the offense not bothering to get a hit just to get even. But then Zito forgot what he was supposed to be doing on the mound and gave them a couple of free runs. The decision to walk both Encarnacion and Gonzalez obviously came from the dugout, you can't pitch to those guys with runners on every base. Then after Harang was cheated out of a run, Conine tied it with Griffey's leg nearly ripping off at the knee as he decided not to round third and take the lead. After that it was the B. Phillips show. He took the 1-0 pitch out to right center and ran sideways around the bases. Looks like he's on the lean, as the kids say. Flashed that Kool Aid smile and the game was over. Nice job Brandon.

Harang pitched well enough, focusing on his new approach, erratic control, while walking a career high 6. And even some solid bullpen work. Coutlangus didn't walk anybody? Ryan Freel and the man who takes up residence in his skull [like the Great Gazoo, his name is Farnie, dum dum] seem to be recovered from their injury. Congratulations on your first Reds victory skip. Lets win more as expectations are now very high. Narron says hello and keep up the good work. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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