Sunday, July 8, 2007

Scott Hatteberg Beats Reptiles with Bat, 4-3

The author has never been a strong supporter of Yakima, Washington. It's hot and smells like rotting produce, but if all the people there are nice like Hatteberg, I'll have to reconsider. Today, the Reds as a team had 9 hits, with four coming from the leadoff first baseman. He went yard in the first, then won it in the 11th with a long single to left, just out of the reach of Eric Byrnes' sharp-looking haircut. Looks like he's tired of all the late inning losses. Saarloos got a two pitch win, his first of the season. But hey, he'll take that and give Louisville the finger. He's back with the big club and he's not as terrible as we remember, at least not today. The author will take full advantage of the picture of the broom, which was downloaded quite some time ago. A sweep of a pretty good team deserves a picture of a nice affordable broom.

Harang probably deserved number 10 today, but the offense has bailed him out a couple of times this season and its hard to be too rough on Stormy as he's been the one consistent component of the cowpen this season. Harang will probably let him off with a skull fracture rather than a full hemorrhage. Maybe he needs more than an inning to really get going. Though it sure looked like Freel was going to get under Hudson's single in the 9th. No dive? Farney must be on early vacation. The Reds hit the break on a season high 4 game winning streak. Spirits are high. Griffey makes the trip out west and the rest of the club gets to go back on their 14 hour sleep schedule. Like a house cat, you never know when you'll need to be active for an extended period of time. Better to save up while you can. Nice week of baseball club, see you on Thursday in Flushing. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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