Friday, July 13, 2007

Phillips Tells Mets to Turn Around and Show Him That Fat Ass, Reds 8-4

What a nice photo the people from Getty Images [remember, that since there is no financial gain from this website, no need to do anything silly like prevent me from infringing your copyright] have provided of B. Phillips after his first and biggest hit of the night. Mets "ace", now that Oliver Perez and Jorge Sosa are on the DL, John Maine put the first three Reds on base, then Phillips brought them all home with a grand salama. He was leaning more than usual as he circled the bases. He added two more hits and two more ribs to finish 3 for 5 with 6 driven in. That's some big time Atlanta lean.

And, as we all know, with Harang on the mound, that's all you need. Especially since all that hoopla regarding the hiring of the one and only Rickey Henderson as hitting coach concluded with the Mets deciding the hotel heir, Howard Johnson [HOJO!], was the proper choice. No way the Mets are going to make up a deficit like that, even with a home run by a guy name Lastings. Reds win in convincing fashion, hard to bet against them tomorrow, for any of you who are on the fence. The author certainly is not. Reds > Mets. Reds! Reds! Reds!


DevilsAdvocate said...

Brandon Phillips = Astronaut Jones, with that headline.

Commendable effort in Shea. And, I get the next two games on TV up here in the NorthEast! Rejoice!

Tim Timmons said...

Rocket. I'm taking a rocket. I'm packing my suitcase. Look out moon