Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nice Try Stankton, Charlatan, Reds 6-5

The author realizes that the Braves may currently be closer to the top of their division than the Reds and that Mike Stanton spent the beginning of his career with the Tomahawks, but that shit you pulled tonight man, not cool. The author's on to you Stankton. If you can't hide your Braves loyalty under your mullet, at least pitch well for the next couple of weeks so that the team can unload you for some guacamole dip from a contender. The author thinks we'd all be happier that way.

That aside, nice second win over the Atlantans tonight. Arroyo looked sharp over his seven, I think someone flipped the switch on his back from "terrible" to "effective starter". The offense, which usually prefers to make Arroyo earn all of his wins, gave him six tonight. All of them coming with two outs, which if you watch the Reds play baseball, you'll know doesn't happen very often. Daggum Ross even got a couple of hits, including his 3rd double of the season, which in 225 at bats is astounding. Daggum don't care for two-base hits. Also, as always, congratulations to Jeff Keppinger for not only pretending to be a shortstop for the night but for making contact [and driving in the first two runs] and walking in the 6th to let Junior take his swings. You've got Juan Castro's roster spot, should he get healthy, written all over you. Harang on the mound tomorrow as the Reds drink all the firewater. The author will be sad when this visit is over, and not just for the colorful language the Atlanta mascot encourages. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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