Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Looks Like Reds Will Have to Win World Series Without Home Field Advantage, AL 5-4

The Midsummer "Classic" ended a little while ago, with the American League taking their, according to Joe Buck [which is as good as fact], 10th consecutive game. The fans treated Barry Bonds like he's not a total asshole and a Japanese guy was awarded with the MVP. Soriano, Crawford and Martinez hit balls out of the park and we got to see just how short Brian Roberts is. Seriously, looked like exhumed corpse of Billy Bartee* out there at second. If you needed another reason to leave Aaron Rowand off future All Star teams, you got it in the ninth inning tonight. With his routine fly out to Alex Rios, he's not just letting down the team but the whole league. Way to go Aaron. Fortunately for you, without the heart and soul of the team, Jon Leiber, the Phillies are going nowhere. But for other teams, like the Redlegs for example, this game had at least minor importance.

The inanimate object MVP award was given to the brick in right-center which used a little razzle dazzle to help Suzuki round the bases before Griffey could track down the ball in the 5th. But Griffey had already asserted himself as leader of the team, so no one was questioning his outfield play. Not even know nothing McCarver. Before being lifted for the aforementioned weak link in the chain, Junior had the first two ribs and threw A-Rod out by 30 feet. Pretty solid showing by the Cincinnati contingent. His performance should speak strongly against what had to be a mistaken exclusion of Dunn and Harang and maybe Phillips. It's a travesty that a team, who is only 16 games under .500 at the midseason break, only has one player representing its strong play. Maybe next year the National League manager will use his discretionary power a little more wisely. Tomorrow the team continues the vacation. Encarnacion has a chin-strap beard trimming scheduled and Weathers and Nasty are going to see who can eat the most Jack in the Box tacos without hallucinating. Those things will mess you up. See you guys Thursday.

*Billy Barty was in Willow, among other things, and once spoke at the author's elementary school. The author was sick that day and has stated that if there was one thing that I would do differently it would be not get sick that day.


Aaron said...

Dude I didn't know his name or that he was famous but I love him in Willow. "This child is special!" he declares upon seeing the infant of prophecy. And the way he hoodwing Burglecut into having to join the quest and take Bonkar with him is true brilliant. Yes, I just love that movie Willow and it is because of strong supporting performances like that of this little midget Bartee. Of course the real star power comes in the form of Val Kilmer as Mad Mardigan, that maverick swashbuckling bad boy who rehearses for his later Jim Morrison role when he is struck by magic Love dust and begins reciting poetry to a lovely but dangerous lass. Until Hollywood had the nerve to put Lord of the Rings on the big screen, Willow was the pre-eminent fantasy flick.

Anonymous said...

Though I agree that more Reds should have made the AS team, Harang was the only one I had expected to see there other than Junior. No matter how good your individual performances are, if you are on a team that is grossly underperforming, you aren't going to get many roster spots.

In the meantime, Go Reds, win 55 more games, win the division!

Anonymous said...

That is really weird. Billy Bartee came and spoke at my elementary school too. I fully credit my not being sick that day to having turned out into such a fine person and good friend.

Doug Flavel

I would also like to thank Aaron for waking up at 6:30 to give us the full synopsis from the movie Willow.