Sunday, July 22, 2007

Reds Play Pretty Poorly, 9-3

The huge losses following a modest winning streak appear to be linchpin for this year's Cincinnati Reds squad. They win 4 straight, then look terrible for three. The author couldn't even bring himself to comment on yesterday's game, Byung-Yung Kim looked pretty dominating and that should never happen.

Today, was similarly frustrating, the Reds seemed to have a runner on third with less than 2 outs every inning against Vanden Hurk but just couldn't get them in. Or when they did get a two-out hit, D. Ross was getting thrown out at the plate. While today's game was very nice by Jeff Keppinger, the author's not certain he should be the only source of offense. Maybe someone in the middle of the order could get a couple of hits. Maybe the one who is a certain first ballot Hall of Famer, who ran the team out of a potentially big inning yesterday, before the bullpen implosion. The author is still hoping to see a Big Frucking Nasty-Saarloos knife fight this season. "That's all Saarloos can stand you red-headed bastard."

Anyway, the team heads home tonight, far away from those evil-spirited fish, to take on the Brewers tomorrow. The first place Brewers, words which have never gone together, at least in that order. So, we are, of course, predicting a sweep. Capuano can't pitch in the second half, even if he had a unsuccessful first. Pick things up tomorrow team, how about no more bullpen for a couple days?

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