Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lohse Not Particularly Impressive, Mets 5-2

Reds offense continued the struggles today against Oliver Perez. That's right, that Oliver Perez. Way to ruin the last day of my weekend which, since I don't work, is not really that big of a deal. But never the less, pretty subtastic performance today. Dunn hit an absolute rocket which was pretty much the highlight on the day, unless you like watching David Ross strike out with runners on base, which this website does. So, maybe there were a few highlights.

Reds continue the road trip against above average teams from the East in the lost city of Atlanta tomorrow. That's some airport down there. Send the author a post card from the Coca-Cola factory and play a little better.

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Aaron said...

Too bad they don't reward bonus points for home run distance and overall impressiveness, because Dunn would be the greatest player in the league. That ball crushed the scoreboard, destroying like 5 or 6 lightbulbs which were literally dangling from loose wires. I toured GABP and it was confirmed by my guide that is approx. 580 feet to reach teh river in right on a splash down. Dunn could theoretically do it.
The reason I needed to confirm that distance with the same conclusion I reached using the home run calculator is because Mark Sheldon erroenously answered my mail bag question back in the Spring about the distance to the river. The number he gave me was based on Dunn's shot over the smoke stacks a couple years ago, and how much longer it would have had to travel to reach the river on a fly intead of a bounce. Since that shot was to centerfield it is a greater distance, but if he hit one to right field he'd only need 580 feet for the splash down.