Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Hardest Part of Love is Letting Go

Word has come down that Jerry Narron will be replaced by team advance scout Pete Mackanin, effective tomorrow. The firing marks the second managerial casualty this season, not counting Hargrove who we all knew lacked the heart to be a winner. Apparently, the worst record in the Majors just wasn't good enough for owner Bob Castellini. When you're in the fruit and vegetable wholesaling business, you expect a lot from the people around you.

Sure the overall record isn't particularly impressive 157-179, but the author has always found Narron to be a capable leader and truly fine gentleman. Other managers may not have taken the time to make sure Juan Castro's bat got in the lineup several times a week. Sure he can't hit at all, but he's got feelings just like the other guys who aren't terrible. Narron understood that. And last year when Krivsky [you diabolical] traded away two major components of the offense for a Cuisinart and a $25 gift certificate to Chili's, Narron didn't complain. He ran Majewski and his dead arm out there every other day [until he hit the shelf] because that's what the fans wanted to see. The guy the Reds got for Austin Kearns, on the mound getting shelled. Now there's a team guy. And this off-season, teaching Josh Hamilton that life as a professional baseball player has advantages over being a homeless crackhead. Notably, no more sleeping next to your own deficate. Name another manager that would go to such lengths to make the his team better during his own vacation?

The Reds Rocket will miss Narron and wishes him the best in his future endeavors. Maybe he can get back to his true passion, coaching high school girl's basketball. Mackanin you've got some big, though not particularly successful, tight managerial pants to fill in Cincinnati.

All the dreams we held so close seemed to all go up in smoke, Narron let me whisper in your ear. [Narron...Narron]

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