Sunday, July 29, 2007

Zambrano's Lunacy Overpowers Reds, 6-0

The Reds did not look too great against everyone's favorite switch-hitting pyscho. Big Z not only made every pitch he needed to, but went 3 for 4 at the plate. Even after taking a Freel grounder off his instep, his rage was enough to carry him into the 8th and by that time the Reds' offense had already decided against getting any hits. So, after a very promising beginning to the series, Cincinnati dropped the last two and helped the Cubs get within a half game of the Brewers. The author would rather see a team comprised of nothing but Joseph Stalin clones make the playoffs before the Cubs. Though the author is pretty sure the Reds are still going to win the division, maybe the Brewers could start playing a little better just in case.

Yesterday, Harang took off after the 1st citing pains in his back. When he was lifting that bus over his head to save the child who had wandered into the street, he forgot to lift with his legs. The author wishes a swift recovery to the pitching staff overlord. The team takes a breather tomorrow before heading to Washington to take on the Crapinals. Then on to Pittsburgh. The author remembers a similar schedule earlier in the season at the Great American Ballpark. Those games seem to be blocked out of the memory for some reason, must be because the Reds played so well they just don't stick out. Lets win all of those games.

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