Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Reds Celebrate Birth of America With a Big Old Loss, 9-5

The crowd, clothed in American flag all-over print warmup suits, with tiny American flags adorning both lapels, holding little tiny American flags, were treated to a subpar performance by starter number five Matt B-Lizzle. The offense gave him three runs to fool around with but he wasn't too interested in getting the win today. He gave up five in the 4th, capped by a grand salama by Fred Lewis. That makes three home runs on the season for Mr. Lewis. The offense put up a couple more runs but Ricky Stone, who's making a strong case that he should have stayed in retirement, gave up back to back home runs to Ray Durham and Rich Aurilia [who had a disappointingly productive day].

Anyway the Reds Rocket wishes all readers a happy Fourth of July, why don't you celebrate America by blowing up a small part of it? Hopefully everybody retains all the digits that they began the day with. Remember to find that finger quickly and keep it on ice, it's amazing what modern medicine can do.

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