Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fortunately Fish Only Have a 7-Second Memory, Reds Win Late 7-5

While the author is pretty sure that the 7-second memory thing was said about a gold fish [after someone commented what a miserable existence swimming around in a bowl must be, stupid hippie] it probably applies to marlins as well. While it's probably longer than 7 seconds, it can't be any longer than a minute, tops. Tomorrow, they will have forgotten all about Ryan Freel, that's right, the leadoff hitter with all the head injuries, kicking them down a flight of stairs.

The author will admit that some times around these parts we're a little hard on Ryan Freel. I like that he runs as fast as he can everywhere and dives head first into the outfield fence but sometimes his play can be a little, we'll say frustrating. And announcers love to make excuses, even following the most mindless play, "that's just Ryan Freel, he'll give you everything he's got. You've got to take the great with the terrible." Normally the author would prefer good over the manic highs and lows. Tonight though, it all came together for him. He made a too sweet diving catch to take a hit away from Cabrera, stole a base, then got three hits including what turned out to be the game winner off of Armando "Didn't I Used to be Good" Benitez. So, the author takes it all back, Ryan Freel, it's a pleasure to have you on the Reds, is it too late to start talking extension? With a runner on first and two outs, of course you should lay out and risk the ball rolling to the wall. Griffey's at the plate, steal third, I insist. Turns out the author had you all wrong. So, nice win tonight team, or should I say Ryan Freel. Four straight, let's make it five tomorrow. Reds! Reds! Reds!


The Last Unitard said...

I think extending this winning streak to 19 games and getting back to .500 is not out of the question.

Anonymous said...

just soes ya know i just saw on discovery the myth regarding fish memory is "busted".