Thursday, July 5, 2007

Reds Win a Series? 6-3

The team opted to take the final game of the series this time out, as opposed to what they'd done for the previous 12, or however many series it has been. Arroyo pitched well for 6 2/3 and even turned around one of Matt Morris' patented turdballs for his first homer of the year. That makes three quality starts in a row for Bronson and his first win since he had that gypsy curse placed upon his head. Now listen to this kickass guitar solo. And how about Cooter against his old club? Got an out in the seventh, then struck out the side in the eighth, which included Reds Rockets pal Barry Bonds. That's the way to kick your old organization in the groin, teach them to make you a middle reliever. Apparently Ryan Freel in the six hole is the path to victory. He doesn't have an obligation not swing at the first pitch every at bat. He's free to go hog wild. Hamilton had a very nice game with a bomb and got on base three times as the team's leadoff hitter. Serpents visit tomorrow against the rejuvinated Reds team, Kyle Lohse on the mound. Hooray! Nice win today gang. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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