Sunday, August 12, 2007

Spanish Priests Evil, Padres 10-4

Arroyo didn't have one of his better starts today and even worse, Daggum Ross was injured in a collision. He later had to leave the game with a headache and concussion-like symptoms. The author assumes the conversation with the trainers went something like this: "Aunt Mamie Lee? Them ribs about ready? I think I crapped my pants." He took the rest of the afternoon off, we hope his bat will be available for the Cubs on Tuesday.

The author doesn't really know what Mackanin expected starting Jason Ellison in right. Though he only struck out the two times in going 0 for 4, that's at least a minor victory. Hamilton made his triumphant return and reached on an error, later scoring a run. The offense really wasn't all that bad, with some help from Khalil Greene, getting four runs off Peavy. He'd probably be the number four starter on the Reds, so you know the author holds him in pretty high regard. So, rest up everyone. You've got a trip to Chicago and you really need to beat the Cubs. Nobody likes to see them anywhere near the top of the division.

Can we finally get rid of Guardado or do we have to celebrate his hard work for the rest of the season? Maybe the Mariners or Twins would like to take him back, he has a strong work ethic.

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