Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just When the Cubs Think They've Got All The Answers, The Reds Change the Questions, 6-5 Reds

Big win tonight for over the inevitably fading Chicago Cubs. The author refuses to buy anti-Cubs propaganda that's not made in the USA. Not much to be afraid of in that offense lacking Soriano [Ah! my quad!]. Sure Harang gave up a couple of home runs, even one to Jacque Jones, but you don't want everyone turning off the game. Let them hang around. Jones' mom can yell at the fans who taunt her son.

The offense atoned for the last time Zambrano faced them. The 13 hits over seven look pretty nice in the box score. Griffey's legs must be feeling good after the two days off. The author loves the aggresiveness on the basepaths, even if your legs have been rebuilt with rods and cones. Tomorrow the team continues their domination off the Cubs with Dumtrait on the mound, who really wasn't that bad last time we saw him. Cubs counter with Lilly who'll you remember as the proud owner of the picture below. Reds! Reds! Reds!

Sure that's Clay Aiken, he actually drew the portrait himself before taking it to the tattoo parlor.

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