Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cubs' Record is a Load of Rich Creamery Butter, 2-1 Victory

For someone with a tattoo like that, Lilly sure pitched like he needed to prove that he's not the pansy his name implies. However, the only thing he proved is that he will do all in his power to find a way to lose close ballgames. Two runs allowed when you're up against Bronson Arroyo is going to be at least one too many, even if those two runs were only accompanied by two hits.

The Reds offense was highly successful, pounding out four hits for the game. Hanigan doubled, pushing that batting average above .230, he may be the Reds' future backstop after all. The winning margin was provided by an Encarnacion double and a Jolbert Cabrera sacrifice fly. The team took a game off from getting a runner to third with less than two outs and not scoring. They work on that in practice every day. 'Okay guys, we've got a runner on third, the infield is back, conceding the run. What do we do in this situation?' The answer, of course, is swing as hard as you can at all pitches you see. Let the guy behind you in the order worry about it. Sad news, again, as everyone's favorite player, Jerry Hairston to the JR, is back on the list of the disabled. Good news for Adam Rosales, bad news for everyone who loves a versatile player making a strong case that he's not washed up after all. We'll see you next year at the AAA All-Star Game. Nice win, or should I say series, as no way the Fogg/Zambrano match up tomorrow doesn't fall in the Reds' favor. You guys make me so proud. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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