Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Reds Refuse To Do Me Any Favors, Lose to Cubs 5-0

Before the game today, Dusty outlined a new strategy for the team. The usual game plan of getting a couple of hits before stranding runners at the corners was set aside for the let's tire out the sensitive Rich Harden by making him pitch for a full 7 innings. That means no hits or base runners of any kind, those give him the opportunity to take a break. Pick up the rosin bag, make a couple of throws over to first, it gives him a chance to catch his breath, something the Reds bats weren't going to give him the opportunity to do today. Unfortunately, Dusty's strategy, though genius in design, was not all that effective in application. The two base runners just seemed to make Harden's job easier, breezing through 7. I really thought he was on to something.

Tough break for Cueto, who was quite fine on the mound today. Only the 1 run allowed and that one shouldn't have happened. Eddie was thinking about the American diving team, who were participating in the medal final at the time of the game, and forgot to look Soto back to 3rd. They don't have diving in the Dominican or else Eddie would have been wearing that Speedo on tape delayed prime time television. Tough break for Cueto, he really didn't deserve that twelfth loss tonight. Lincoln knew the plan, so those 4 runs allowed in the 8th didn't make much difference to him. Bray was working with house money, so slow rollers aplenty. How about beating the Cubs the next two days? You guys can lose to all non-Cub opponents for the rest of the season.

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