Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fogg Strong Like Ape, Reds Weak Like Girl - Astros 4-1

The Foggster was pretty outstanding today, turning in a, wait for it, quality start! Big performance by the man with the tainted brain but the Reds still lost. Fortunately, with the limited arms due to Cueto and, a lesser extent Bailey's, injuries we'll get to see Josh again tomorrow and then again on Friday and Sunday. On Saturdays he rests.

Oswalt's voodoo curse continues to hex the Reds offense with bad mogumbo. They did get 6 hits, which is pretty good considering both Patterson and Bako were in the lineup, and briefly held the lead but in the end the one run is rarely enough to win. Keppinger stayed hot, looks like he's remembered the general idea when batting is to hit the ball in the places where fielders are not presently located. He'll have to carry things for a while.

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