Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh, I See What 's Going On Here Fogg, Pirates 5-2

There was an even better picture of Fogg in his Pirates uniform but for some reason I was unable to get it to open. It looked like he was reacting to a punch in the gonads. But you'll just have to take my word for it, or rely on my mastery of the English language to explain it. Additionally, doesn't the photo to the left look as if Fogg is left-handed. Though it's likely just some sort of camera-related problem, I like to believe that the morning of the photo he either: 1) forgot which hand he uses to throw; or 2) decided that from now on he will be Josh Fogg - left handed pitcher. I picture Josh Fogg - left hander throwing with an old-style full windup. No leg kick with the arms a'swinging.

The Foggster wasn't great last night but he was at least tolerable, for 4 innings. Then he lost interest. But the offense didn't really give him a lot with which to work. He's going to need at least 7 runs before he can get comfortable out there. Solo shots by super talent Corey Patterson and Bruce, are just not going to cut it. One more today with the Pirates before traveling back home to beat up on the red birds. Ian Snell has been super brutal, let's get a win against him tonight.

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