Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reds Reconsider Decision to Lose All Remaning Games, Reds 6-3

As the author predicted yesterday, the Reds continue to beat teams who play well, yet lose to teams that don't. Arroyo shut the Brewer offense down for 6 solid innings, picking up his 10th win of the season. Cue Van Halen's 'Eruption'.

After Manny Parra got yanked for poor attitude, Prince Fielder attacked him in the dugout like a big, fat, vegetarian bear. When I was watching the highlights last night, SportsCenter showed the replay five consecutive times before cutting to something else. And you know that they only cover things in that depth if they're really, really important. Apparently, Parra was under the impression that he was going to beat the Reds. That's your first mistake Manny. The second was eating one of the last 15 donuts that were left in the clubhouse. Those are for Prince and he'll kill you dead if you touch any of them again.

But enough about the opposition. The offense didn't get a lot of hits and one of the bigger ones was by the pitcher but it's still a quality win. Bruce went yard and Votto knocked in a couple. Nice teamwork Reds. Looks like the player's only meeting that was held before the last loss to the Nationals was a success after all. It just took a day to register. They were able to get some things off their chest, like Majewski wants to go back to his role of only pitching when the team is up or down 5 runs. Daggum Ross wants all-you-can-eat coleslaw in the locker room after the game. And Josh Fogg designed a new hat with is encrusted with jewels that he would like to wear on the days that he pitches. Captain of the offense, Corey Patterson, went to Dusty with the demands and was told that they would be considered. That's what teamwork will get you, a Reds victory. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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