Sunday, August 17, 2008

Reds Show Cardinals Their Dance Moves, Reds 7-3

The Reds shook off Friday and Saturday to come back and take game number three from the Cardinals today. Volquez handed it to both Kyle Lohse and his goatee. Looks like he, Volquez, has decided that he's not that tired after all. He's dueling Lincecum for best performance by a National League pitcher on an embarrassingly bad team. I think he's got him.

Looking at the Sunday paper statistical breakdown of NL offensive cateries, the Reds Rocket was interested with how many Cincinnati players show up in the bottom fifth of the list of batting averages. Quite a few. Through Friday, the team leader, with the qualifying amount of at bats, was Phillips at .267. The biggest disappointment was Eddie Encarnacion at .248. For someone with such a nicely manicured chin-strap beard, 2008 has been a struggle. Looks like his approach to pull every pitch while swinging as hard as he can and drawing no walks has been less effective than one would think. Maybe he'll reconsider things this offseason when every member of the hitting staff is tossed in the dumpster outside Great American. In fact, I think that's the final give away of the season. The first 5 fans receive a member of the coaching staff. 'Ah man, Brook Jacoby. Can't I have Billy Hatcher?'

Reds head to Chicago Tuesday to face the Cubs' sensative number two starter. The Reds will unquestionably sweep the series. Today's win was, as they say, a springboard victory. That's what beating Kyle Lohse will do for your offense. Enjoy that well-deserved day off tomorrow. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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Anonymous said...

An actual coach giveaway might bring me to the ballpark. It would make a tremendous gift to my son, who's been dying to have a nicely-wrapped Brook Jacoby under the tree on Christmas Morn...