Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ow, My Soul - Astros 3-1

The Reds continued their impressive streak of playing poorly by dropping two more games to the Astronauts. On Friday, Cueto left with a lead, after throwing 150 pitches through 5 innings, but Masset gave up the first home run of the year to one, Humberto Quintero. The Reds Rocket is still undecided in its support for Masset, home runs allowed to weak-hitting catchers do not make the 'positive' side of the list. Regardless of Masset's charlatan nature, the team tied things up and sent it to extras. But Coco has decided that he doesn't pitch on Fridays, or if he is forced into action, refuses to pitch well. Dusty should have listened to him because, shit was he bad.

Yesterday, Bronson pitched well for 6 but, like Cueto, had a huge pitch count. At least he hit Carlos Lee with a pitch, so it will just be Berkman and Kaz Matsui killing Reds pitching for a while. Lee can turn his attention to the Panamanian Olympic team. I believe they have a baseball team and a one-armed man who runs the mile. He lost his arm in a machete match, which is Panama's version of boxing. But the offense just wasn't up to the task of Brian Moehler, someone who should be playing in Japan, like Tom Selleck, not shutting down the Reds offense for 7 innings. Screw you Moehler.

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