Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reds Lose Quickly, Enjoy Big Sandwiches on Jack Nicholson's Boat, Cubs 3-2

The Reds don't really care for matinee games, just too early. How is, Nick Masset, for example supposed to hit the town, pick up some skanks, bring them back to the hotel for Miller Lights in the hot tub, and still make it to the ballpark by 7 am for pregame preparation? It's impossible. Fortunately, it didn't appear that the offense was affected. The two runs today doubled the series total, so that's certainly something. Way to be well below average guys. At least Votto's bomb went pretty far. Maybe it conked a homosexual on the head when it landed beyond the right field wall. You know, because Chicago's Wrigleyville neighborhood is home to a large homosexual population, therefore the chances of a homosexual getting hit with an home run would be proportionately greater. That would hurt something fierce.

The Foggster treated us to a short outing today, only lasting 4 innings. At least he was able to fit in a couple of bombs, including one by Big Z which proved to be decisive. Actually, if I were a major league pitcher, I think I'd feel worse about the fact that DeRosa went yard. Because he's a pile of trash and rooted against the Michael Phelps in the Olympics. Maybe he should find himself another country if this one's so bad. Traitor.

Prior to being lifted for pinch-hitter, Adam Rosales, Fogg informed Dusty that he had pissed his pants on the mound and his other pair was left on the bus. It happens some times, Josh. But no way anyone was getting him to go back out there for the 5th. The 60 pitches he threw were about the maximum he should be allowed anyway. There is still a good portion of the season left and we need to save his arm.

On a final note, I realize that the picture above is old and I've already used it, like the majority of the pictures which accompany posts, but, as was stated by an astute commenter at the time, that sandwich sure looks tasty.

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