Friday, August 8, 2008

Reds Are Sunshine On A Cloudy Day, Astros 7-4

The Foggster turned in a start yesterday which was disappointing because he's just such a great talent. But the Astronauts offense proved to be just to powerful for the man with the low mental capacity. Too bad, we'll just have to wait 5 days for a better showing.

The offense showed up a little late for the party, picking up lots of hits but not bothering to push those runners in. It is almost like the trade of Griffey signaled the new goal of achieving the worst record in the majors. If that is the case, we'll consider the last week of play a resounding success. Success! Maybe they can draft some more big, fat guys who are unwilling to sign without a major league roster position. With Dunn's likely departure, that would mean 4 John Dalys, of varying ethnic backgrounds, in Reds uniforms (1 from 2008 and 3 for 2009) roaming the outfield, frying fish and drinking Rainier. That's a team America would love to support. Beat them gol-derned Astros tonight.

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