Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Reds Give Winning A Try - Feels Pretty Good, 5-1

Last night, the team decided that maybe it was time to start winning some games again. Sure, the roster is full of guys with the first name 'Who the Fuck is...' in this case, Chris Dickerson. Dick made his debut as replacement donkey, doubled, stole a base and scored a run. Consulting the nerds from BP again, "Dickerson has the potential to play once a week in the bigs, but he could also spend his prime years becoming a local hero in Louisville." The future is bright in Cincinnati.

Volquez returned to 'friend' rather than continuing the enemy role he'd been utilizing for most of the second half. He pitched 6+ solid innings and picked up his 14th win of the season. The new and improved Reds lineup even provided 5 runs, which is likely the most we'll see for the remainder of the season. With Votto out of the lineup, that means Javy Valentin at first, a position which he is not particularly suited and for some reason, Patterson has been able to cement himself as the center fielder for the remainder of the season. But maybe he can establish some modern record for futility. I can't wait until he gets enough at bats to qualify for league leader. Phillips hit a bomb in the first, which provided the margin for victory. We also got to see the first hit by Adam Rosales, who I had thought that I remembered as a shortstop, not a first baseman as listed on the official site. I must be thinking of another Adam Rosales. So, now that a team has a taste for victory, no reason not to beat the Pittsburgh LaRoches again today. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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