Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Astros Deep Fry Arroyo, Cover Him With Strawberries, 9-3 A-holes

Perhaps he was just too affected by the parting between Krivsky and the Reds, but Arroyo sure wasn't great tonight. He only lasted 3+ before he returned to the bench to stare at his towel and wonder who in the dugout has been touching the linen which has been specifically reserved for the use of Bronson Arroyo. Well, at least this difficult stretch will provide motivation for his next chili-themed LP.

Ragweed Ross returned from a rehab assignment and hit some ropes. Whooey, that boy can rake. He can goddamn rake! And Griffey briefly charged up the crowd with number 597, getting close. Then you will join a very prestigious club which unfortunately also has Sammy Sosa on the members list. Though they don't invite him to the potlucks. Must have gotten lost in the mail Sammy. You don't speak-a the English anyway, so even if it arrived it would your brain wouldn't know what to do with the characters.

The series wraps up tomorrow, how about we don't see Josh Fogg. Big Frucking Nasty mops up the wins.

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