Sunday, April 27, 2008

Reds Can Beat Shitty Teams, Reds 10-1 over Giants

So, the Friday game may have been a bit discouraging, getting absolutely dominated by Jonathan Sanchez, but the last two made up for it. The Reds scored 10 in both though Sunday's may have been a little more relaxing for me to sit home and watch. Big Frucking Nasty has only shown an ability to record outs in games where the Reds are up 5 or more. That 4-run doesn't provide him ample room to do his big, ugly thing. A 6 run 2nd inning is how all games should begin or at least the next three with the Cards.

Sure the Giants offense is the worst in the league, but Volquez still went 7 and struck out 10. That's impressive even if Aaron Rowand is the most dangerous bat. Looks like Dusty's on to something sitting both Griffey and Dunn. That Hairston Jr., Patterson, Freel outfield is dangerous. And nice to see you again Brandon Phillips. Three hits in one game? Not too bad at all. Nice to see the home run lean again. Send me a post card from the arch.

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