Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Wish For The New Millennium is That We See a Lot More of Johnny Cueto, Reds 3-2

The author's local MLB television package didn't carry the Thom/Cowboy combination so we missed out on whatever enlightening coverage they would have provided. And it would have been great as Cueto made his debut and was simply stunning. A true class act. As Reds pitching prospects go, he's the one with the darker complexion who doesn't have "uncoachable" attached to his name, in case there's confusion.

Johnny overpowered the, well mostly incompetent, Arizona offense and picked up his first win as a major league player. Now is the window everybody is looking for to add him to your fantasy team. That way you can tell people at the All Star Break all about it and they will be very impressed. "I'd say the key to my team was the acquisition of Cueto back in April. I like to think I have a pretty keen eye for talent evaluation." 10 K's over 7 innings of 1-hit ball, can't say enough about that. He was filthy. How about Pig Pen for a nickname? Try it out you blockheads.

After Cueto headed off to take hot bath, Dusty opted to go with new setup man Skyline Weathers, who was less effective. Weathers how many more years you goin' to dog me 'round? He walked the bases loaded, then retired to beat the shit out of the locker room. But Dusty turned to the always reliable Mike Lincoln to make his first appearance in three years with the bases loaded and a 2-run lead in the 8th. Turns out he truly is a gentleman as the scouting report stated. After allowing a run to score on a sac fly, he struck out Chris Young for the fourth time (who wants to see me urinate on this fire?) and the Reds were out of the inning. Cordero, or Coco as he apparently prefers to be called, picked up his first save with an easy ninth. This was a nice enough day that the author will overlook some potential trouble spots with Dusty's choice of lineup. And hey Jeff Keppinger, keep up the good work. Nice socks. Reds! Reds! Reds!


The Last Unitard said...

I am already moist with anticipation of JC's next start.

Aaron said...

We been referring to Freel as Pig Pen for a couple of years now over at RHM... so we need something else. Johnny B Goode is pretty popular already, a couple bloggers using that one. Johnny Quest was used over at Red Reporter -- that is pretty good too. How about the Cueto Kid?